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the sky is falling down.

i spent a long weekend in frankfurt with my dear friend nisa. thanks for having me!
1+3. the cos store in frankfurt
2. frankfurt skyline
4. nisa made this out of studs
5. everything zara, i had to get the whole outfit
6. at the urban outfitters store in frankfurt


elle adore said...

sooo geile bilder denise!! <3

InForTheStyle said...

tolle bilder....
mit welcher einstellung deiner camera hast du dieses tolle ergebnis erhalten?

wir lieben deine inspiration posts:-)

in for the style

LeSimple said...


denise h. said...

Dankeschön :) Die Fotos habe ich mit meinem iPhone gemacht haha

Tizia said...

tolle bilder!!:D

sara l said...

what a great blog! nice shots!