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blue jeans.

though it seems like the sun is shining in the first picture, it has been rainy for the last week.
it's almost june and i don't want to wear my topshop fake leather jacket anymore.. i love it a lot, don't get that wrong ! but i wore it since october straight and i think its time for summer now!
at the moment i'm going for ripped and cut off jeans, you can see my h&m one at the top and the other black and white one is by only. they work pretty good with the topshop short jacket and make me feel a bit more summery.


Anonymous said...

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Elena said...

I love your jeans...and you blog!!!
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thisiswhati'dwear said...

I LOVE your topshop jacket AND your jeans in the first photo. I need them!


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in Aie's shoes said...

New follower here! I'm glad to have discovered your blog! =)


Coral Garrett said...

Love the feelling in your pics!
thanks for sharing

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