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the sale comes first and the truth comes second.

i've been looking for the perfect biker boots for a while now and i'm glad i found a pretty nice pair. i can imagine wearing them with some black washed out jeans, a comfy shirt and leather jacket or a green parka in combination with my new silver shopping bag. 
both pair of shoes by zara.


Carla Matos said...

I love the second one. The shoes are amazing!
Kiss on the cheek. :)

pinkmate said...

I love the biker boots!!! I should check that out in zara!


modeling women said...

Cool pairs. They look so fashionable.

Ally Doman said...

These Biker Boots would also look amazing dressed up: bold and bright colored tights with a black leather mini skirt and a neutral colored sheer top!
xx ally

T E L I S H A H said...

Das untere Paar von Zara ist soo schön :)